Northeast Region 2016 Program Initiative Announcement

This year, the Northeast Region Venturing Officers' Association has chosen to focus on collecting, analyzing and publishing data with the focus of providing support and ideas for reorienting programs, from the Crew level all the way to the Region, to increase the membership of Venturing and attendance at Venturing events from across the Northeast Region.


For more information about this initiative, please look below!

A Message from the NER Venturing Officers' Association
Interested in learning more?
  • Click HERE to view the NER Venturing Officers' Associations Open Letter to the Northeast Region announcing our committment

  • Click HERE to view the NER VOA's Facebook post about the initiative. Share and Like it to show your support for the project!

  • Check this page often for updates about the project throughout the year and be on the lookout for posts on the NER Venturing Facebook Page with the hashtag #nervprograminitiative

  • If you have any questions, or would like to help the NER VOA with this project in any way, email us at