Advice From the Region- Leadership Styles

When it comes to leadership styles, there are many different types. There are more types that exist, that aren’t even be classified. According to an article in the Wall Street Journal,”Leadership styles are not something to be tried on like so many suits, to see which fits.” When it comes to leadership styles, you do what is natural to you, it’s okay to make small changes to your style to better adapt with the group you are working, but you should never drastically change your style.

You will read on the internet that they have classified some of the leadership types, but those aren’t set in stone, they are more like guidelines per se. The big ones that come up from the online article,”6 Leadership Styles, And When You Should Use Them”: The pacesetting leader, which is more of the “Do as I do now” kind of leader. The authoritative leader, which is the “Come with me” kind of leader. The affiliative leader, which is the “ People come first” kind of leader. The coaching leader, which is the “Try this” kind of leader. The coercive leader, the “Do as I tell you” kind of leader. Last, but not least, the democratic leader, which is the “ What do you think” kind of leader.

When it comes to finding out what kind of leader you are, it just comes naturally( at least that’s what I think). You really have to just get into a situation to see how you work with your peers. For me, it wasn’t until I worked at my summer camp until I realized what kind of leadership styles I was mostly a blend of. I try to be a mixture of the affiliative and coaching leader when I work in settings.

When it comes to leadership styles, they are very fluid. I never completely changed my leadership style, I just adapted it to steer better with my personality and the group I as working with. Which one are you?

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