National Youth Leadership Training (NYLT) furthers the leadership training development of Venturers, Boy Scouts, and Sea Scouters. The course is delivered by a council leadership team, for youth within that councils to further their leadership development. Youth are exposed to more in-depth leadership skills throughout the 6-day course, modeling 1 month in the life of a Scouting unit. Some councils accept outside applicants and offer staff-sharing programs to increase program diversity and share resources.


Who teaches it? The Council leadership team, through a Council NYLT Course Director and Council NYLT Senior Patrol Leader.

Who takes it? Council youth leaders who have successfully completed ILSC/ILST/ILSS and are either 13+ or have completed the 8th grade.

What do they learn? Further development of the leadership skills and tools introduced in ILSC/ILST/ILSS.

When does it take place? Depending on the council, usually between 1-6 times per year.

Training Code (for BSA records): S78


After successfully completing the NYLT course, graduates are eligible to attend the National Advanced Youth Leadership Experience.