The National Advanced Youth Leadership Experience (NAYLE) is the chance for youth leaders to use, improve, and excel in their leadership development skills. It takes place at Philmont, Northern Tier, and the Florida Sea Base, hosted by region and national leadership teams. The course is delivered by region and national staffers for any NYLT or NYLT to NAYLE bridge graduates. The one-week course is available for youth 14+ to 21 and takes place during most summer weeks at Philmont. Northern Tier and Seabase dates vary by year.


Who teaches it? Region/National volunteer adult and youth staffers

Who takes it? NYLT or NYLT to NAYLE bridge graduates looking to refine and test their leadership skills. Ages 14-21.

What do they learn? Real-world and outdoor applications of the leadership skills and tools taught in ILSC/ILST/ILSS and NYLT.

Training Code (for BSA records): S80

When does it take place? March 19-25, 2016 (Seabase)

                                        June 19-25, 2016 (Philmont) - Week 3

                                             June 19-25, 2016 (Northern Tier) - Call (218.365.4811) for more info

                                             July 2-8, 2016 (Philmont) - Week 5

                                             July 3-9, 2016 (Northern Tier) - Call (218.365.4811) for more info

                                             July 10-16, 2016 (Philmont) - Week 6

                                             July 17-23, 2016 (Philmont) - Week 7

                                             July 24-30, 2016 (Northern Tier) - Call (218.365.4811) for more info

                                             July 24-30, 2016 (Philmont) - Week 8

                                             July 31-August 6, 2016 (Philmont) - Week 9

                                             August 7-13, 2016 (Philmont) - Week 10


After successfully completing NAYLE, graduates have to chance to be asked to staff a NAYLE course or become a NAYLE Ambassador!