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Tom is from Garden State Council. He served most recently as the Northeast Region Area 5 VOA Vice President of Administration. Tom is an Eagle Scout and a recipient of the Council and Area Venturing Leadership Awards. He is also a Vigil Honor member and Founder’s Award recipient of Lenape Lodge, as well as an International Ambassador, leading outreach for the Messengers of Peace team. Tom is a rising sophomore at Rutgers University, majoring in public policy with a minor in critical intelligence studies.

Tom Gilbert


Riley is from Monmouth Council in Jamesburg, NJ. A rising junior in high school, she has goals of earning her Summit and Ranger Awards.
Riley has attended NYLT. She hopes to keep the Scouting experience a joyful one inside Area 5, as well as expanding the outreach of Venturing throughout the Region alongside her President and team.

Riley Mochari

michaela Donnelly.jpeg

Michaela is from Cradle of Liberty Council in Philadelphia, PA. She most recently served as Cradle of Liberty Council VOA Vice President. 
Michaela works at Rodney Scout Reservation in Northeast, Maryland as their Boatyard Director. This fall she will be a rising freshman at Marietta College majoring in Biology and is a member of their Women’s Rowing Team. 

Michaela Donnelly

Erin Murphey.jpg

Erin is from Jersey Shore Council in Barnegat, NJ. Most recently, she served as the Secretary of her Crew.
Erin has earned her Discovery Award and hopes to eventually earn her Summit Award. She also is a Life Scout in Scouts BSA, Apprentice rank Sea Scout, and Ordeal Honor member of Japeechen Lodge. Erin has staffed NYLT and will attend NAYLE this summer. This fall, Erin will be a rising freshman at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, studying mechanical engineering.

Erin Murphey


Associate Advisor Administration

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Associate Advisor Communications

Bill is from Patriots’ Path Council.  Prior to serving as Area 5 VOA Advisor, Bill served as an Associate Advisor for his crew. As a youth, Bill earned his Eagle Scout and was in both Venturing and the Order of the Arrow, where he served as a Section Chief.  Bill is a Vigil Honor member and Founder's Award recipient from Woapalanne Lodge. He has received the Council, Area and Regional Venturing Leadership Awards.  Professionally, Bill is the Director of Business Development for the Metropolitan YMCA of the Oranges. 

Bill SanFlippo


Scott is from Washington Crossing Council in Hamilton, NJ. He will be returning to the Area 5 VOA as their Associate Advisor of Administration.
Scott has run several youth-led Venturing Colleges in Area 5 Councils. He is also Garden State Council’s Venturing Committee Chair.

Scott Fisher

John N.JPG

John is from Washington Crossing Council in East Windsor, NJ. He most recently served as a Washington Crossing Council VOA Associate Advisor. 
John is a Vigil Honor member of Ajapeu Lodge and has been awarded the Silver Beaver, District Award of Merit and Distinguished Commissioner Awards. He looks forward to his role in the Area, to help the youth officers continue to build on recent successes and expanding program opportunities for Area 5 VOA.

John Nieradka


Shannon is from Washington Crossing Council in Doylestown, PA. She will be returning to the Area 5 VOA as their Associate Advisor of Communication.
Shannon is the District Executive of Teen Programs District of Washington Crossing Council, serving in this role since 2017. She hopes to continue to help and support the Area 5 VOA with all things communications this term.

Shannon Mullen